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The following university sites indicate collections of films and supporting materials, as well as resource guides to individual school holdings (filmographies, bibliographies).

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East Carolina University
African-American Video Resources

An African American Video Resources Guide by Patricia B. McGee. Highlights of this lengthy work include sections on race films, documentaries and independent film productions, and several bibliographies.

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website 2:

Indiana University
Black Film Center/Archive

An authoritative source for research on African Americans and film. This Center houses a Black Film Database (not accessible via the site); the site contains links to over a hundred related sites.


Ohio State University
Black Images Bibliography

A useful bibliography on African & African American Image in Art, Media & History.

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University of California - Berkeley
Media Resources Center

This link is to Berkeley’s extensive collections catalog. The site contains links to information on filmmakers, bibliographies, distributors and guides for how to write about and research films. Includes a number of videographies related to African Americans on film and video, including lists of the Black Panther Party and Harlem Renaissance on film and video.

phone: (510) 643-8566
fax: (51) 642-9454

University of California - Los Angeles
Film and Television Archive

On-line University Archive that contains over 220,000 films and television programs and 27 million feet of newsreel footage. This site is extensive but UCLA does not lend out materials; all interested parties must view the titles on campus. There is a fantastic African American Film and Television Collection.

mailing address: P.O. Box 951323, 302 E. Melnitz, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1323
phone: (310) 206-8013

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Afro-American Studies Collections-Filmography

A very useful filmography compiled by Professor Charlene Regester of African and African-American Materials in the Nonprint Collection of the R.B. House Library at UNC-Chapel Hill. By Charlene Regester.

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