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The following organizations provide support and resources for Black filmmakers and those with academic, professional and/or general interests in cinema.

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African American Filmmakers Association
The African American FilmMakers Association intends to "encourage and educate the African American filmmaker on the opportunities, history and culture of African American cinema." This site is a thorough professional resource, answering a range of questions for filmmakers and others.


Black Film and Video Network
Association for Black film professionals in Canada (performers, stunt performers, hair and make-up artists, camera operators, students, etc.) BFVN's activities include screenings, members meetings, a newsletter, annual Members Directory and Awards Ceremony, workshops and seminars in techinical, acting, and writing skills.

phone: (416) 925-2407

Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center
The BHERC "strives to highlight the important roles that blacks have played, and continue to play, in film and television." Site features include sections for press releases, photo galleries, films, and message boards.

phone: (310) 284-3170

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