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The following publications feature articles on a wide variety of topics in Black cinema.

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Black Camera
Newsletter of the Black Film Center/Archive at Indiana University. This page lists the Table of Contents for current and previous issues but it appears that you must order a subscription in order to receive the newsletter.


Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noir
Table of Contents and homepage for this academic journal. Topics cover a range of subjects, many that go beyond African Americans and film.


Black Women of film 1935-1965
This site is currently down but may reappear in the future.


Duke University's Oscar Micheaux Society
On-line newsletter with table of contents, full-text of some articles, and a few links and pictures.

phone: (919) 660-3030

Screening Noir
On-line Newsletter on African American Cinema edited by UC Santa Barbara Professor Anna Everett. Issues from Spring/ Summer 1999 and Spring 1998 are available on-line.


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